Import sub-division levels

It would be useful to be able to import both the high poly and low poly mesh as sub-division levels. Or fix the “reverse” function so it can successfully recreate the lower sub-divisions. It currently fails. Both the low and high polygon meshes are entirely made up of quads. And they’re subdivisions levels originally created in ZBrush.

Sure you didn’t use sculptris pro at some point?
I would be curious to check the file, reverse should work in most case (except in a few rare case, but usually limited to the first level if it has triangles or ngon)

I did not use Scuptris Pro on it. I can share the model with you. Is there an email I can send a google drive link to?

See email, FAQ | Nomad Sculpt

I tried to reverse your model and it worked fine, after merging everything first (simple merge).

I fixed a bug related to UVs a few weeks ago on my version though.
Delete the UVs (topology menu) and it should work fine.

Your upcoming update will fix the “reverse” issue with the UV then? Thank you for your time.

I’m trying to import using the gITF so I can import layers with my model. I removed the UVs before import and “Reverse” will still not work. I remove the layer and it still does not work. Maybe there is an issue with the gITF import? Here is the gITF file:

The glTF file doesn’t have the same topology as your original file, it cannot be reversed.

It has 42 triangles while the original has 0.
Note that if you use the “unwrap UV” method in Nomad, it will fiddle with the topology, I suppose that’s what you did.

I used Blender to convert FBX to gITL. It looks like Blender’s gITF exporter, however, triangulates the mesh. I’ll have to find another file converter. Thanks for your help.

I do not believe gITF supports quads. Do you have any plans to add FBX?

A blend file import would work too.

No plan to support FBX or blend file, use OBJ if you want to keep quads.

Okay, thank you for your time.