Import /Add to Scene Issue - Would like to keep the same scene when adding

In the video here, I’m using the drag and drop method from files to add to scene, as you see this creates a completely new scene/field within the same project.

I would like help figuring out why I cannot get it to add the file to the same scene where the face is. This will be my first project so I’m wondering if there is something I’m overlooking.

(I have already tried the add to scene button under import and I am running into the same issue)

Are you sure this is a new scene? Have you already looked into the hierarchy, because I think your imported mesh is so big that you don’t see your old mesh anymore.

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Yep, you probably need to scale down the imported objects after insertion.
Or move the head and scale it up.

I saw you on YouTube!! Thank you so much for helping, this worked!

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I see that now and it definitely works!! Thank you so much!