IK Bones for Posing

I noticed that after I imported a rigged character model into Nomad, the app actually recognizes the bones. I could even properly rotate them but it wouldn’t affect the mesh. Is it possible to enable the bones to move the models? Or at least add a bone brush like the one in Blender… but I recon that would be a lot more work than simply having the bones affect the models.

Anyway, thanks for your amazing work!!!

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Not for now, bones are ignored for now they are actually turned into empty group node instead.
But probably in the future.


Wait, what? Seriously? That could be quite an interesting addition.


OK so what can I do to accelerate that process? I will throw money at you if I have to, haha. I’m basically in desperate need of that feature for a project I’m working on where I would need multiple poses from different angles. I’m happy that it’s considered for the future, but I’m supposing you’re quite busy at the moment to make it happen? Just wondering. Thanks again :pray:

If it helps and if you accept donations, I can send you 50 bucks right now via PayPal as a deposit to fund this feature (unless money isn’t the issue). But anyway, this app is worth every penny and more. I’m totally serious about the IK feature and willing to fund it however I can. Let me know if that’s a viable option :+1:

I know you really want/need that feature but people might want/need other features. If the developer wanted to add more feature faster he would need to hire multiple people which would make this app subscription based which I and many others don’t want to pay. I personally believe that a low poly
tool set is more important (my opinion) than the feature you want but I know he is just a one man army. So please be patient.

Also why not use Blender?


Nothing, except being patient.
But it might take a while though.


If I had the proper equipment to use Blender I wouldn’t be so desperate to ask for this feature. All I have is my phone right now and apps such as this one since my old laptop is all but done. And the only reason I came to the forum asking with urgency is because the app can already recognize the bones (you can even rotate them and pose them like any other software that has the feature) so I thought “hey, maybe it’ll be just take a few lines of code to get those empty nodes to affect meshes as bones” but it looks like that’s not the case. So you’ve both confirmed today what I have to do and go find a way to get a new laptop (or drawing tablet) somehow. Thanks for your time.

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I feel like ik bones could Be an app by itself just like there’s an app specifically for retopology. Nomad is a digital sculpting app not an animation tool. Ik bones are part of an animation workflow. Plenty of zbrush and blender users find it to be less challenging to use the masking or trimming technique to pose their models Due to the deformities that occur with rigging. There’s plenty of issues ppl run into with the slightest mistakes in rigging.

There’s a very simple app for Android called Prisma 3D where you can pose/animate bones/models but there’s no option to rig anything. That’s the closest it gets to what you’re suggesting. But hey, fair enough. I’ll deep dive into trimming and masking. Thanks.

What about this just released for iPad? https://www.naomianimation.com/

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Looks awesome! Unfortunately I don’t have Apple products. But hey, I was able to amass enough money to get a powerful gaming/productivity laptop in a few days so all good. I’ll just move everything back to how it used to be. Thanks for all your help, everyone

This works with a lot of desktop workarounds only.
But a beginning.

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The app is such a pain. Never seen such annoying app on iPad to be honest.

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I have blender but since I sculpt for joy, obviously i use nomad. Strictly.
Does bones mean animation? Id absolutely live a little clapping penguin to introduce my YT vids

Yeah bones is effectivley rigging models with IK Bones. (Putting joints and such inside a model then manipulating those that in turn animate your model)

Not necessarily animation since you would need a timeline and markers for that (though you can sort of simulate quick animations with layers… :thinking:), but just to change poses for different screenshots of your model in various positions, expressions, etc.

So bones are pretty much like the file system that keeps ball/pivot joints to their proper superlimb.

But they go the extra mile in posing/convenience ultimately animation because they carry the “muscle/tissue/tendon/flesh” (vertex mass) over the bone, like an automatically applied blurred mask intersecting their hidden, subsurface rendezvous?

(Edit: another readon 3D art beats 2D art by leagues because of the mechanical componentry. Not to mention foreshortening isn’t some kind of a Dacid Blane street act)

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Exactly. Some people prefer to just chop up the 3D model at the joints and rotate accordingly (since IK bones tend to warp the mesh a bit at the joints if not placed correctly), but they are insanely convenient, hence my inquiry on its integration (or lack thereof for the time being).

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