Any chance rigging might be added at some point?

I wish I could rig the 3D models, and then be able to pose them. I’d like to apply rigs for changing the poses, and for changing the facial expressions of 3D models. Also, rigs for 3D objects would be useful.

If we could add bones to our 3D models, we can get the most out of them. 3D models have the potential to be very versatile, compared to 2D drawings which are very limited. So, adding bones to 3D models for posing would help open the door to many more possibilities. Our 3D models won’t just be static sculptures, but we’d be able to create an endless amount of different scenes with them, as long as we can imagine it.

Rigging is a feature that I think would be very useful when working with 3D. So, I really hope it will eventually get added as a feature in Nomad Sculpt :slight_smile:


This is a popular request. See stephomi’s response in this recent thread:

Yeah, I brought that up about a week ago because I noticed that Nomad Sculpt recognized the bones in a model I imported, and I could even rotate the bones like any normal IK rig, but Stephane told me they were just empty nodes for now so maybe in the future he would implement them. I thought it would be an easy task to enable them since the software seems to read them already, but apparently it’ll take more than that. But I’m with you that this would definitely be a game changer for the app.

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While not exactly rigging, the new instances and groups allow for a very similar approach:

This video explains it.