I am the law

work in progress for Dredd. My first nomad sculpt


This is looking very solid!
Well done and not your first sculpt generally I would say :wink:
You are on a 6GB Ram iPad, aren‘t you?
With less than 1GB Ram left it‘s better not to add that much detail anymore.
On the other hand I would be very interested at which point Nomad gets unusable :grinning:
But so far no issues?
20 million is freaking much already.

Congrats, can‘t wait to see more.

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I want an ipad pro with 8go ram. Maybe 2021

Thank you.

I had the ipad for Christmas and I did some sculpting with forger but then moved to nomad. I did some clay sculpting back in the late 80’s but not touched in years. This was my entry back into the hobby

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You are a natural! Amazing!

Cheers buddy.

I hope to get better and loving the nomad app.
Ill keep updating the site with new progress and other models

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This is great to be honest and there is nothing stopping you cutting your model and saving as individual parts. Then import and export as required. So far DREDD parts are all in the same model but slit across all components.

Try to get used to the project tool, if you haven‘t. This doesn’t change topology and can save hundreds of thousands polys. It is just shifting topology. As long as centre point of I.e. circle is not over the mesh it will work very nicely. This way, you probably can add his spaceship as well ( or whatever)