HPolish like feature

I moved to Nomad from ZBrush about a year ago. I love it. For most things I find Nomad to be a better over all experience, but I REALLY miss the polish/flatten to an edge that Z has in the hPolish brush. I have tried many things and can’t seem to make this work in Nomad. Any chance of getting this brush type feature or even if someone could tell me how to make it myself.



What exactly do you want to achieve. Any examples? Videos?

Here is a good tutorial on how it works: hPolish tutorial

The part I really miss in Nomad is doing cleanup of parts and smoothing them while respecting the existing edges. He talks about this at around 6:40 and onward in this video.


? Like this ?

How did you do that without affecting the edges, and what if you did the same, but it was on a ledge with a wall, like a stair step?

Also if it were a hole would it fill it to flat?

I dream of hpolish, flatten and planar like Zbrush!
I keep requesting it.
Agreed that Nomad is overall better experience and i love having on the go in my iPad. I just miss the level of response expectation of the brushes in Z and even Forger.
I stay in Nomad because there is a constant improvement and i believe this day of Hpolish and others will arrive. Soon please!?

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:vulcan_salute: meanwhile some people are dreaming…. :vulcan_salute: :sunglasses:

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So how are you doing that without affecting the edges?!

Maybe reset the flatten setting or play more with the brush settings.

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I could be wrong, but I believe if you make the Smooth tool have keep sharp edges pretty high you can get this effect.

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Ooooh, I didn’t know that was a thing. I know what I’m playing with tonight!!! Thank you!