How to invert mask?

Anyone know how to invert the mask? Loving this program! Thx

While you are using the mask brush, click on the brush settings ( the brush icon in top right corner and in the panel you will see INVERT.

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You can also hold down the mask icon on the side panel and then tap the background behind your sculpt to invert the mask. A swipe down on the background will also clear the mask.

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This never works for me. It’s so frustrating. Anyone else not finding the ability to invert mask on iPad Pro?

I think the shortcuts are a setting you can enable/disable, but tapping the mask tool icon in the top bar when it’s active should always give you the mask options (clear, insert, blur, sharpen) as buttons at the top of the panel.

I’m on my phone, so it’s a little different, but:

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Yes in the interface menu double check « mask gesture ».
If it still doesn’t work you are probably not doing it right, so maybe explain ho you proceed.

I cannot see mask gesture in interface menu. I try to hold mask button with s-pen (on the left panel), and s-pen stroking the background. The masking is not inverted nor clear. How to solve it?

2 s-pen? :thinking:

You need to hold the mask button with the finger and then do the gesture on the background with your other hand.

sorry, i mean I hold the mask button with my finger, and s-pen stroking the background. Mask invert and clear is not working. This one i try with my A7 Samsung Galaxy Tab.

When I try with my cell phone, hold mask with one finger and stroke background with other finger, It works fine

Ah yes, it cannot work with an S-Pen.
Android/Samsung has an annoying limitation in that the screen cannot detect fingers and pencil at the same time. It’s a hardware limitation.

You can use another finger instead.

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