How to bend plan or box

is there any way i can draw a path and create plan or box with circular effect or paper effect



want to create similar this kind of plan

Regardless of what “box” or “plan” are you referring to. Based on the image you’ve attached, and what you have said.
Maybe you can use tube tool with a “flat” profile like this

Then apply some twist if nescessary

can you pls create a small video if possible i am newbie

Choose tube tool.
On left menu choose curve and go to side view (perspective off. Tap on navigation cube to switch to left or right view)

Now choose “profile” in top center tube menu. Drag all points to middle left and right and uncheck “closed”. When you drop one point onto another it is deleted.
Now you see two colors of your stripe.
Go to “gear” menu and uncheck “coloured backface”

If you want to twist you sheets, twist is up in tube menu as well, same is radius to define width.
Maybe you want to increase division X to have more polygons in tube menu.
When you are done with basics, best is to clone your object in scene menu (top third icon from left then clone) to have a backup. Hide your backup and validate your tube (after validation no way back - > therefore backup :wink: )

Now you can use the mov tool with big radius to make final adjustments.

Good luck.


I’m sorry if this is so quick but the forum allow only 8mb for uploading a file(s)


thank you so much got it

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