How to bend one object around another?

I want to bend the white shape around the large shape, then the small black shape around the white (it’s an eye). I have tried using move and drag and I’ve also tried creating a selection mask then rotating one small section at a time, and combinations of those techniques. Both sorta work but deform the shape a lot. TIA!

I’m new to sculpting but you may consider using the improved version of mask and extract it could come out like this.

I did this real quick with mask and extract it has improved allot!


Hm, so to be clear you extracted the hands and eyeball from the chrome and grey shapes? Did you just freehand draw the mask or…?

Yea, I added a sphere then masked a hand shape over it, then extracted it with the extract function giving me the new geometry of the hand. I then changed the color of each object. Yes you can free hand drawn the shape of mask or use a reference image.

The mask tool has been improved and is very clean when one extracts the shapes. Any object extraction with this method is shrink wrapped over the object when extract. Many people use it to extract clothing for characters or helmets and such things or boots what ever one desires. There is no one way to do things however it all depends on what the person prefers.