Bending objects without distorting shapes

it would be good to be able to re-access the armature or create one for a new object so that objects can be bent and twisted without losing their shapes. ie, a piece of hair or a horn that needs to be bent a different way but not distorted. The move tool has a tendency to change the shape of the surface of the shape for example a perfectly round tube is distorted into an ovoid. it would be good to be able to change the bend and position of the tube without distorting the shape like it does when drawing a tube with the tube tool. being able to draw an armature line to bend with and add/subtract points into an object that doesn’t have one would be very helpful.

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Yes. That would be a great help. I suppose any improvement to this wonderful program would rely on how much work is involved in making it happen. This guy in the street thinks it could be a big job so maybe it’s asking too much. Another suggestion for an improvement would in the Tube Tool. Though this is a really great tool it would be great if it was possible to alter the shape of the Tube to accommodate different shapes like Square Tube or Oval Tube or any other shape. Just a thought.