How to begin learnung how to program mobile 3d software?

Hello! Lately as i have been trying to dabble with programming to make tools as an artist, i found it hard to find tutorials on how to make software as well as tools compared to more general app tutorials such as “how to make a disney+ clone”. I was wondering whether anyone had any advice regarding how nomad sculpt was made and how to get into making 3d software and tools for mobile. How do you go about it?

Dabbling in programming, what have you created so far?
Many years ago I became fascinated with programming and wanted to create video games. I got a few books on programming and the first language I began to learn was called Basic and later Visual Basic. I was able to make a few apps or games, nothing complicated but fully functional.
I created a hangman game and a educational math game with the graphics in a 8bit style.

The math game was coming along great but then grew to the point that I needed some help especially creating assets for the game. Perhaps too ambitious for me as a beginner. But the core of everything was from the programming with only a few hundred lines of code.

I would suggest you get a few books on programming with the language you choose to learn, then write out simple programs including their example code. Keep things simple until your learn more and then perhaps you can then write more complicated apps.

Keep at it and don’t be discouraged, and keep things simple. I stoped coding completely and that was my mistake otherwise I would by now have 25 years of programming experience and who knows what I would have come up with.

There are tools or engines out there I think you already know for example unity or others. But to get full functionality out of these engines it helps to learn the coding skills.