How can I pose these duplicate serpents to different poses?

I am very new to nomad sculpt and am still learning how to do many things. I am currently making a 6 headed sea monster and so I made one head and was hoping to duplicate it 5 times and repose each to add variety. Problem is, I can’t figure out how to pose them. In other model softwares, you can add bones or bend the mesh similar to the cylinder profile tool, but I can’t figure out anything for a validated mesh. Any ideas would be so helpful!

每个是独立的情况下,可以试试自由变换,移动工具也行,但是在blender中绑定骨骼后调整起来应该更简单,我知道有一个软件可以绑定骨骼安卓版名字叫Prima 3D(可直接搜索名字) 苹果版有一个叫3D画画 3D画画,这两个都有骨骼绑定功能,希望对你有所帮助。

Google or YouTube Nomad Curve Repeater

It’s the core crucial process used to create a traditional Chinese dragon earlier this year where a body segment is initially created and repeated onto an endlessly malleable curve.

(Directional axial) Twists, segment count and tapering are controllable. In your case, there would be six individual Curve Repeaters to simultaneously play with.

Curve tool is your friend, check manual and videos on google about nomad sculpt curve tool like this