Dragon Sculpt 1st trial

Hello Everyone,

I’ve downloaded Nomad from March of 2022 but only have been using it more “seriously” for the past 4 days. I’d like to show you guys my dragon sculpt. Please advise me so that I can improve my work quality. And also, can we make joints in Nomad to ease us when we want to pose our model?

I also need a tutorial for dragon’s skin texture.

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When you say joints, you mean bones ? No way at this time, but you can mask part of your Model and use the gizmo tool to give him the pose. For the scales you have a lot of option, using alpha (Black and White picture) with the stamp tool, drawing them by yourself with mask and sculpt, mixing both techniques. You can find a lot of tutorials on youtube

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@Holger_Schoenischka has some really good tutorials on this. Here is one of them. It’s not a joint, per se. But it should work well for what you may be wanting to do: Nomad Sculpt Tutorial - Posing (Rig) - Hierarchy - Parent / Child (V1.68 -15.11.2022) + posable Skeleton download

He’s a Nomad Genius and has some incredible tutorials. I highly recommend reading and watching his stuff.

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Yes i agree with you, he’s the wiki of nomad😊