Tutoriales Nomad Sculpt - Spanish/English @victorhrz

Hi everyone, I was afraid os posting my tutorials here because there is a really high level of knowledge in this forum but being the tutorials in Spanish maybe they are useful to someone. They have also Eng subtitles, hopefully soon YT lets me put dual audio.
I hope this Topic and the video tuts are helpful to you, any comments are welcome so we can extract the max of this beautiful app, I read you around here!

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To start I will post this recent one, is a quick tip to create bevels and chamfers really quick.
Como crear bordes y biseles de forma super rápida.


**Como crear un dragon en Nomad Sculpt de forma rápida y sencilla. **
How to create a Dragon in Nomad Sculpt in a easy and quick way.


Hi everyone! I did a tutorial showing how to sculpt and create perfect details and textures all layout in a perfect way in your characters or objects to obtain a professional look, hope you fin it useful!

Si alguna vez has querido modelar texturas en tus modelos perfectas y detalles increíbles te enseño como en este video.!


Great translation of one of my tutorials. :wink:
But sometimes 2 people also do the same things.

Well I could say the same about the Dragon. I’ve been working on this for 2 weeks, let’s be adults.

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wow, also I saw you suspended my account in the facebook group, super mature man. :joy:

Why should I have suspended your account? I definitely have nothing to do with that. I have no problem with your video, I even think it’s good that you explain things in Spanish.

The thing with the dragon is not quite clear to me, it is true that I have seen your dragon image, but I have not seen a video about it at this time.

The comment was not meant in a bad way.

What do i have to think? You write that and the in Facebook i’ve been suspended for sharing a tutorial? I believe you Holger and respect you, sorry if it was misunderstood. We will leave it here and will look in to the group matter. See you around!

Ah ha ha ha. Add me too to your argument I watched both of your videos - they inspired me to make a snake ring. Thank you for your videos. It’s pointless to argue - because we are all essentially promoting this program. Also, the way your dragon works is nothing new. In Zbrush - it has been done with IMM Curve Brush. Those who make videos about Nomad Sculpt are not competitors to each other - on the contrary, let’s be friends. We can help and promote each other. My channel is still very small. But, for example, people subscribed to my channel will not wait for my new video - they will go looking for other Nomad videos on other channels. We have the same audience. In general, I hope you understand my message.


I’m with you, love your videos too. Let’s keep building this great community! :muscle:


Como pasar tus modelos con millones de triángulos y vertices a unos miles sin perder calidad ni detalles. Usaremos los mapas normales y Bakeado de texturas dentro de nomad sculpt.


Aqui os dejo los últimos 3 tutoriales que subí a YouTube, espero que te puedan ayudar si estas empezando en Nomad. Saludos!
New spanish tutorials with English CC.


Parte 2 del Tutorial de como crear un dragon en Nomad, Pronto la parte 3.
Part 2 on How to create a dragon in Nomad Sculpt. Soon Part 3 :slight_smile:

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Me gusta mucho ese tutorial. Ojala pudieras hacer mas relacionado con ropa formas y texturas para luego imprimir en 3D.
En mi lista de proyectos tengo un tipo que usa ropa, jeans, camisa y chaqueta y el tema de texturisar cada ropa que tiene con sus arugas, dobles, lineas de costura y todo lo que tendría una ropa realista me preocupa ya que no se bien si lo de ese video funcionaría bien en esos casos.
Cosas como estos ejemplos, telas con diseños y texturas que se ajusten a los dobleses y arugas de la telas, en modelos connposes dinamicas no solo poses T o simples. Que queden marcados para que luego aparescan en la impresión 3D.

Si sabes o se te ocurre como hacerlo sería lo que esta faltando como tutorial nomad.


muchas gracias! Para el tema camisas y pantalones el mismo metodo funciona perfectamente, lo más complejo sería trabajar las bufandas.
Tengo pendiente un tutorial sobre textiles con sus pliegues y demas, asi que tomaré tu idea y puede que lo haga más completo.
Gracias y saludos!


Maravilloso. Quedo a la espera de la notificación de youtube :grin:

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Parte 3 de la serie como Crear un Dragón en Nomad Sculpt
Part 3 in the series How to create a Dragon

The previous episodes are these:
Part 1

Part 2

Como instalar pinceles en Nomad y como crear tus propios pinceles + algun truco.

How to install brush tools in Nomad sculpt and How to create your own brush + some tips.


Como hacer un render en Nomad Sculpt y exportar en 5 pasos.

Nomad rendering in 5 steps



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