How can I improve?

Hey! Today was my first day sculpting and after a few tutorials I’ve managed to sculpt my first tutorial - free sculpture!

I’m pretty happy with it but obviously there is many things I can continue on with to improve this sculpture, any tips, recommendations or critique would be greatly appreciated,

Sorry I can only upload the one photo at this time


Great job!

I’m not the best sculptor either but from my limited knowledge the advice I would give is practice, practice, practice.

The more time you spend trying to sculpt things the better you’ll get and the better grasp on the tools you’ll have. Start small, sculpt often, have fun!


Thanks Roger! That’s the plan, if I stick with this new found hobby I can’t wait to comeback and redo this sculpture

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In addition to the advice to practice from @RogerRoger— try and chip away at several (varied) projects at once. If you get stuck or bored on one, move on to another and come back to it later.

You would be surprised how a break from something can help you work things out. Someone once told me most of your problem solving comes from your subconscious which will kick in when you’re away from something and can then look at it with a fresh mind.

Think about how your other skills can be transferred to sculpting. Look at sketching/painting/animation etc.

Constantly observe the real world and try and break down objects/textures/lighting/scenes into how you would approach recreating them.

Lastly, and probably most important— always try and enjoy the creative journey more than the result!

I hope that helps.

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Thanks for these tips! They’ll definitely help :blush:

#1 tip is don’t focus too much on tutorials or tips in the beginning. Explore yourself and when you’re stuck or looking for a question, that’s when you look up your tutorials.

I never looked at any tutorial for sculpting except one, which was how to decimate.

Keep up the good work, it’s a great first sculpt!


Great! I’ll also keep this in mind while sculpting.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Great sculpt, as far as improvements add some green things and also moss on the stones :slight_smile:

Thanks! Added some green to the stones and a custom plant :blush:

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Your sculpt from above would drastically improve, if you turn up the pixels and then use some Alphas, Stamps and Textures…and play a little with lightning and post processing :wink:

Small things with great power!

Best way to improve is practice but youl need to use focused practice, set a goal on what you want to learn and study it, another thing is breaking things down into primary forms, she do art forms and tertiary here’s a great video on the subject