Help, can’t see tool names

Using the IPad Pro app, I can’t read all of the tool names in the right toolbar. Some of the tool names, specifically Tube, Lathe, Gizmo, Transform, Measure, View and Select, have the tool names in a white font and are easy to read. All the other tools have names in dark grey on dark background and are hard to read. The tools all work when selected.

Thank you!

Can you post a screenshot so people can see what’s going on?

Capturing a screenshot on the iPad Pro is done by simultaneously/briefly pressing Power and Up-Volume button.

You might want to investigate whether this display behavior happens with Stage Manager activated or deactivated.

Also, is it possible you’re currently in some incompleted split-screen mode? Different from Stage Manager, iPadOS permits splitting the screen for multiple apps. During this kind of operation a tabbed overlay indicating there’s an app on the side waiting for you to finish adjusting the screen persistently sits.

Just spitballing some ideas. If all else fails, hold down the Power and Up-Volume buttons until the SHUT DOWN slider shows to (truly) restart the tablet.

No such display issues on this end with a 2020 12.9” iPad Pro in landscape mode…. Come to think of it, I can’t recall I ever tried Nomad in portrait mode.

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Thanks Carter! I was trying to say that I didn’t see anywhere in this forum posting web app to upload files but, duh, there it is :point_up:, a little icon with a hard drive and up arrow.

I just looked again in a different project in Nomad and now I don’t see the issue. Maybe just a temporary glitch?