Headless Man

I got inspired by a weird story about a tribe of headless men who are supposed to have actually existed!

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I had to go and look that up. Of all the myths and legends I’ve read about from so many different cultures, I’d never heard of them before (though I’m sure there’s likely more that I’ll never know compared to the little that I do).

Looks about right from the illustrations they had.

I keep looking at it and am trying to figure out how the anatomy would work if it were real though. Sure, the mouth can go directly to the intestines (would create some interesting musculature below the skin).The nose can go right into the lungs with just some added bone structure. But, how would the eyes fit into the chest (or the shoulders depending on which version of the stories you go by)? I guess in the chest, maybe there could be an additional plate between some of the ribs with the pectoral muscles moving around it. I don’t know, just fun to think about.