Killer Mushrooms

Hi all

Long time no post :slight_smile:

I was just playing about with a sculpt, not finished yet but looking for some feedback.

I’m thinking about giving this mushroom arms, hands and feet, though I’m not sure how to go about it (as in the look not as in how to sculpt them)

I’m also thinking the squashed one is better than the stretched. I think this is one of those sculpts I need to step away from and come back to.



I like the squashed one also, but maybe he’s too squashed and the other one too stretched; a happy medium between the two perhaps? Arms and feet, my personal uptake would be to have them blending in very organically (like the Peperami monster jerk in the commercials - the closest analog I can think of to the design(Image here: Redirect Notice) with slightly over-sized hands & feet with chunky digits. Looks great so far man!

Peperami arms is not a bad shout cheers :slight_smile:

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