Good Battery Pack for extending Nomad sessions on 2021 iPad Pro?

Just looking for something that should be able to keep up with the battery drain to get an extra couple/few hrs out of Nomad when there’s no plug around… Seem to be very mixed reviews on all the ones i’ve considered. Thanks for any suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

You need something like this.

The iPad Pro has around 10.533 mAh, so this kit would (in the best case) more than double the running time.

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Oh wow! Tnat‘s some pricey shit.
At the weekend I tried my Anker 20000mAh powerbank together with my old iPad Pro 10,5“.
It was charging and increasing power while working in Nomad with PBR and postprocessing on. That one was a third of the price. This thing laid around without charging for more than a year during lockdown. It was still charging my iPhone after - two times!

But it‘s not a guarantee this will work with M1 energy sucker.

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That does look really nice! Will keep that in mind for sure if I can’t come up with something cheaper that works well enough… Thank you!

Nice! Yeah i think the M1 is sucking the juice pretty hard… I tried an old Anker 10,000 over the weekend. Had it plugged in for 1hr and it dropped 17-15% but then back up to 17% during that time. Surprisingly, the pack was still showing all 4 dots lit at the end of the hour… My scene stayed pretty light during that time. Will do some more tests soon with a more typical scene loaded! …Thanks for the info!

DOUBLE EDIT: (put this on top, should answer the min specs)

So easy! Just look at your charger!
Output 5V 3A or 9V 2;22 A

Last one on the list:

That’s what your battery pack needs as output.
More watt should be no prob but a plus.
More Ampere Output……as I understood there is a limiter charging not more than above.

I leave all my older talking, maybe something makes sense.

I looked again. The high price is coming from the necessary >30 Watt Even though smaller power banks are also recommended here:

First suggestion from ToBe was simply perfect. Anyway, if money counts you have the right search word:

Better 30 watt or higher.
The other facts. An iPad Pro 2021 12,9” battery has something like 10700 mAh ? The 11” version around 8000 mAh. With 20000mAh charger you can charge both twice. At least what the numbers are saying.

Finally charging speed. My Anker has an output of 3500 mAh, means it can charge 3500 milli Ampere per hour - if I am not talking complete non sense. My knowledge is dangerous internet half knowledge. I read that most IOS devices are limited to 2400 mAh input. Here I didn’t find anything about the 2021 pro.
These is what I got. Hope this makes sense somehow. Maybe someone with a solid knowledge can clarify in short.

I plugged my pack yesterday and it charged my iPad from 9-14% very quick.


Thanks so much, Knacki!
This (and the article) is the most useful I’ve been able to find!
Thanks so much for posting it! …I’ll post back once I’ve got a solution working here. I already have one of these coming but not sure how it will actually perform yet.

The INIU battery I linked above seems to work pretty well so far! I did have to use a 60w usb-c to usb-c cable to do fast charging… With a moderately complex scene while doing tests over about a 40min period, it seems that I gain 2% over a 10min period… If just doodling around with a sphere/head, i gained 6% over a 15min period… According to the battery percentage display, it was dropping roughly 1% with every 1% gained by my iPad.

I had never heard of INIU but thought i’d give them a try since they were so much cheaper. So far, so good but time will tell.

That sounds good!
Good luck.