Geometry falloff

Picked up on Nomad sculpting after a while and I was wondering if theres a “geometry falloff” setting somewhere ?

This is especially very handy for tweaking details like lips, where the upper- and lower lip are not connected. But with the default falloff it’s very hard to tweak only one of the two.


Connected topology in stroke menu?

Hey thanks.

That’s what I thought, but the thing is, with the lips of a mouth for example, the geometry is connected via the “inner mouth” in such a way that it’s one piece. So it looks like I’m still getting a default radial falloff. So even though the geometrical distance of the connection of the upper- and lower lip is larger then the radial falloff of the brush, it’s still affecting the visually close geometry.

It’s a bit hard to explain in words, but I suppose what I’m looking for is something like “topological falloff” in Zbrush : 045 ZBrush Move Brush Options - YouTube