Frame rate bug

Recently the fps of my 3d low poly model started to drop extremely even with low vertex and only having 327 poly but for some reason it drops even being at 1.25 resolution and low vertex ,
The model and Including a hdr and 3 lights .
The problem would be the minimum amount of ram consumed ?.

Problems like that occur when too much RAM is being consumed, either that or the processor in your device is being given a hard workout, not all mobiles and tablets are suitable for this kind of work. What are you using?

It’s probably slow because of the rendering, number of polygon is just one component.
In your case the issue is probably the 3 lights and pbr.
Less light, lower resolution or using matcap should be faster.

I’m setting this as solved because there is likely no bug in Nomad, the device is likely not powerful enough.
To help a bit, ensure other apps are closed and that your device has enough battery.