Flat shading mode

It would be great if there were a flat shaded mode (no shading, just color), for painting. It’s currently difficult to paint subtle detail using dark colors because the shading interferes with what you are seeing. A mode that shows only color would make this task easier. Thx

You can select the fully white matcap.

its not quite the same thing, even that has shading… the method we use at work is to have the texture artists paint in flat shaded views so they can accurately work in color. The shading tends to influence how you interpret that color. For example, I’m working on a piece where the base color is dark brown and I need to add highlights and shadows, since the value of the base color is already low, the shading can swing the low values to black making it hard to see what you are painting.
using flat shaded (or no shading) mode could also allow for some pretty creative rendering styles. Like people could comp a shaded to non shaded to effect the amount of shading, or even do toon shading techniques. It could open a lot of creative doors

I’m taking about the zWhite matcap (before the last one).
No shading on it.

Oh, ok… I didn’t even realize that was there… thanx @stephomi
It still has shading, but I can see much better now. I’ll have to play around with those shaders now :slight_smile:

Oh, wait… my bad… that’s exactly what I need! Thanx! I was using the wrong shader… this app has more features than I realized. Thanx again man!

So these shaders (I can’t believe I didn’t know about these till now), seem to work on a scene, not object level, right? I’m still trying to figure out how I would use them, so I’m trying to get my head wrapped around how they work.
Also, it doesn’t look like I can paint specular highlights. Are there plans to make these more robust?

You have 2 modes: matcaps or pbr.

With matcaps you can have a different matcap per object (make sure to uncheck « use global matcap »).
You can only have color painting with this mode (no roughness/metalness).
Thus the name: Material Capture. A matcap encodes both lighting and material information.

The other mode is PBR, where lighting is fully separated from material data.
You choose one environment for your scene.

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Thanx @stephomi that helps.