Flat shading bug with Note pro 12.2

Samsung note pro 12.2, android 5.x is bit old but this app is still working ok with that. I found little shading bug if flat shading is used… is there anything that can be done to it?

Thanks for the report, I know what the issue is.
I’ll try something for next release but if it doesn’t work I won’t investigate further.

A few questions that could help me though:

  • does it work in matcap mode?
  • if the mesh is partially transparent? (Opacity slider at the bottom of lighting menu)

Same end result with any opacity value (was not transparent in pic) and and same single color flat result with matcap mode also. (Different color in this case)

Thanks, can try on nomad - WebAssembly?

Looks like webassembly browser support for note pro is bit thin… managed to get app display initial view using firefox but it crashed whole tablet… chrome or samsung browser displayed blank screen.

Ah nevermind then.

I’m making a small release at the moment Nomad Change Log - #8 by stephomi

I made a small change to the shaders so maybe it will work.

(The release is in review)

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