First Sculpting attempt

I’m terrible at art and wanted to try sculpting, but I don’t have a graphics tablet. I do have a Note 9 however and Nomad is amazing!

It’s not great, but here’s me first attempt!

Any tips on creating hair?

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Great for first attempt!
I also dont have tablet or note Device…
Currently i have Galaxy j7 2016 it is old,
But Nomad is so amazing it runs well around 1 to 2 million polygon

You can check out my works in “Artwork”

So you question how to create hairs

You can make hair strands using sphere and use move tool to shape it something like hair,then you can duplicate the strands to maka full hair

Note : always see reference of real or anime hair when duplicating and placing the strands , so that u will get kind of hairstyle going and it will also look logical

I have some example of anime style hair
Which created using technique i explained

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Nice work man…

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