Finger Tap Issue

After trimming, the finger gestures no longer work. Double tap for UNDO no longer works and the cube for the views can no longer be unlocked. Sorry on the View Cube the NORMAL Finger Tap does not work.

It only happens with Trim Polygon / Sym on

Version 1.65 / Ipad Pro / Ios 15.1

Bug reports

I don’t replicate the bug, did you use the Apple Pencil?

I believe it’s a bug with the polygon tool on both trim and split

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Try Trim / Sym on / use Polygon.
After trim - try 2 fingers UNDO - it doesn’t work for me anymore.
The VIEW CUBE also no longer works.
The same happens with the split function / polygon.
It has nothing to do with the Apple Pencil.
It is a repetitive problem.

Polygon mode overrides the 2 finger input because it’s using it to transform the shape.
The behavior is the same whether there is a polygon being drawn or not.

It’s not a bug, it’s by design. Moving it as feature request instead.

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Ok, thanks.

There is def a bug here… once I used polygonal trim a bunch of stuffed stopped working even after changing tools. Tempted to uninstall and reinstall cause no dbl tap undo is a nightmare.