Feature Request: Subdivide slider on front end , scene view highlights currently selected object


it would be nice to save some clicks and have Subdivide slider on front end on the top shelf ? Also it would be helpful in large scenes to have the scene view highlight the currently selected object.

Cheers Jim

I’m trying to be careful with front buttons.
The left side is already crowded, the right side is taken.
I can add stuffs at the bottom but a slider would be too much.
Also the bottom bar is currently the only UI elements that is not responsive on small screen (to my knowledge), I will need to somewhat handle this issue first (either scrollable bottom bar or force-removing some shortcuts that are not unique).

Unless you changed the settings, it’s already the case.
All the unselected objects are darkened.
If you prefer you can also display the outline of the current selection.

Yeah I agree it would be pretty crowded on a small screen

Regarding the highlight I meant in the text list of object , but now i can see that the bar is actually highlighted… Apologies !