Fast unselect button on objects panel

It would be great to have a unselect button for fast unselect action.
Many times I end up with many object selected by mistake and then the only way to unselect them is to unselect them one by one or go and change tools to the select tool then press the unselect button and draw a selection over everything then go and change again to the tool I was using.
With an unselect button it will be just a one press action.


Iwas literally like there has to be a faster way to select and unselect objects on the workspace :pensive:. This would be a huge quality of life improvement

Unselecting is very fast and easy as is.

  • Tap and object on its name- it selects only that object and unselects everything else.

  • Tap and drag over checkboxes and it selects/unselects your selection.

What purpose would an unselect button serve if all you have to do is tap an object on it’s name and everything else is unselected? Or am I missing something?

EDIT: Tapping on a “Parent” object will select it as well as its “children”. Tap the Parent again and it unselects all children.

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