Object Solo for selected objects only

Before Solo Mode for multiple objects were enabled, I liked Solo Mode to tap through all single objects. That was nice and quick. But I also like the idea to isolate multiple selected objects.

Isn‘t it more logical to solo / isolate the checked objects only?

Tapping on object name in Scene solo select and Shows this object only and automatically and hides all others. The initial idea of solo.
Check multiple objects will Solo all checked / selected.

Very quick single tap through all objects by tapping on name. ( the big advantage of solo, against visibility )
Change visible objects selections quickly and completely while in Solo Mode. Current function always shows first object selected when entering Solo Mode.

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Ah yes, I forgot to consider selection through the interface list.

When I multi-select in the viewport and use solo I don’t want the other objects to disappear when I single-select one of the objects.

But for selection through Scene menu, I can change the behaviour and just clear the “sticky” objects.

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Today, I struggled over my own request. Luckily I found this thread to see that there is a difference between on screen select via smooth and select by scene menu. Even though I still like my intention those days, the other behaviour is more common and more practical with lots of pieces. I still think both functions are necessary, but I wonder if it should be different commands to clear this for users n general? If I would not have found this thread to remember, I would not have found the on screen selection and it’s useful difference. Sorry to confuse, but maybe worth to consider again when if touching this in future.