Fast trimming holes crashed ipad

I had a dense plane and was trimming holes in it. Full scene was loaded. Used memory around 800 mb, 2000mb free.
I quickly trimmed holes and had finished around 40 - the iPad crashed. Needed to restart.
Battery was on 19%.
iPad Pro 10,5” LTE 256GB IOS 14.4. Nomad 1.42.2

A planar geometry?

If “fill hole” is checked, the “hole” is filled (the plane is an open surface), which mean you got coplanar faces (and only after that the trim occurs). I’m not surprised things could go wrong.
It shouldn’t crash though.

I would be interested in a scenario to reproduce the crash (relatively) consistently.

What does “around 40 means”?

After 40 holes, done quite quick like tack, tack, tack.

Ok, that makes sense that filling could have caused problems. Thank you. I will avoid that.