Eyedropper Materials slots problem

Bug reports

when using the eyedropper the material in the slots is not highlighted so you never know what material you are.

As I understand the concept, you can change the material color etc. to your likeness without changing any actual material. If you are done, press + and a new material is generated. If you want to change a specific material, tap on that and there is a visible selection frame around.
Same with eye dropper.

Looks like an improvement to me.

I just want a automatic square around the materiel that a have eyedropped plz.

That would cause a new material each time one eyedrops.
If you want a new slot, press plus.
You don’t generate a color swatch each time you eyedrop in Photoshop.
Imagine the flood of materials while doing a paint job. Crazy.

No bug at all to me.

As @knacki said, it’s an improvements (it was noted in the logs).

Basically it now works a bit like a color swatch (think color swatch like in Procreate, although the UX is a bit different), but for material.
The reason why: sometimes you want to edit the material without overriding your saved material.

No i don’t want New slot, imagine : i apply 4 matérial in my scene. I want to highlight one for use one another but if i eyedrop material is not sélected in slots material (its a bug) i make vidéo later.

In french : en français parce que Google translate a l’air de pas bien expliquer ce que je veux dire. En principe si j’utilise la pipette sur un objet les matériaux qui est déjà dans les slots doit être mise en évidence quand on utilise la pipette, c’est logique. Ici dans mon cas c’est sûrement un bug. J’utilise la pipette j’ai bien les réglages du matériaux mais il ne mets pas en évidence le slot alors qu’il est présent dans les slots

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Ah ok your issue is specific to the eyedropper.
Indeed I forgot about it.

Using a long press like Procreate to “copy current material to material slot” could do the trick.
With that UX, maybe I could drop the “selected material” thing. Need to think about it more.

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Ahh sorry, you are right.
In 3Ds Max old compact material editor, the used material of an selected object is automatically visually indicated.

The little outlined three angles are indicating, that this material is used in scene.
The white filled three angles are shown the material of selected Element. In this case the red object.
The white square shows the selected material, which you are working on.

A material which is not used in scene is not marked.

Sure, max works different as materials are linked to object. Is probably impossible or not that easy for Nomad.
But I like the idea to see all materials used in scene at once and to see which one is the material of selected object.
This case color picking would not be necessary that often.

Just for inspiration.