Eye of Moloch Statue

In progress - so fun doing this for print.


For those that don’t know… the “Eye of Moloch” is art work created by the late masterful David Trampier.

I discovered this, like so many, probably around the age of nine in my first Player’s Handbook for AD&D. It captured my imagination like countless others. So these things sneak there way into the regular sculpt sessions. This is play… not work!

Here is a little more about David:

There is also this amazing documentary on a a few generations of artists for Dungeons & Dragons…It’s amazing:

A little insight on process:

Having a daily sculpt session right before sleep I find it therapeutic. There wasn’t a tool like this, this convenient or intuitive, until now. It’s far easier to sculpt from my mind then from replicating someone else’s art but the process to create your 3D physical version of your fan-boy mind took a lot more work until now. Working as a makeup artist for many years, I consider that it would take 10X - 20X near that long to “ROUGH” out something like this, cast it in stone or urethane and make a master.

So while I work on a sculpt, and this is spare time for me, I’m always wanting ultimately to get it into my printer. During the day I spend a considerable time in two ventures, both related to XR and in both I’m directly engaged with Epic Games and so anytime I want to “Temp” something its just far easier for me to throw it in a quick project and gauge what the sculpt would look like in production.

Certainly this is worlds away from how it was…even 10 years ago.

Of course this is only a half-finished sculpt. 2 evenings in and you’ll see that, though the statue should have legs that exist and the monstrous gem-eyes in the original amazing concept, I just couldn’t wait.

More to come…


Final Sculpt and off to print…

Certainly a lot of fun to actually get a breather to get this out to print. Everything with the exception of the “Key” work for integrating the 3D print elements for each component.

Here is the bottom base of the print model:

Here is a final snapshot before first print:

Here were the final elements that have gone to print…

First the head…


This is fantastic work! Well done!

Awesome :+1:t2: :astonished:

Man, that print turned out great!

But may i recommend some daily hand moisturizer (I kid, I kid…)

I was wondering if you sold this stl?

I’m sorry but I don’t… or should I say I have not considered it.

As D&D player I love it! Fantastic model.

Good job, bravo