Export Snapshot of UV MAP as PNG or JPG

First of all thank you very much for implementing to Auto Unwrap option. It is really great.

But, it would be better if you Also implement the option to Export png or jpg of Unwrap. Just like we can do it Maya and blender (Uv Snapshot)

I reason, i want you to do this. Because ipad users can use Procreate to directly paint on 3D models which has uv mapping.

But, in android there is no such options like Pro create. There are some really good 2D painting programs like Infinite painter and Sketchbook. But they dont have 3D painting.

But, having The Unwrap as a snapshot. Wil be good ,we can just export the uv map as png from nomad and then Paint the textures. As we can do it in Photoshop. Then, import the texture image which we painted and put it on the model.



Hmm we want that on android :thinking:.

You could screenshot this.

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There are two ways to possibly achieve this.

  1. use Sketchfab free account here you can apply PBR textures and then export back to Nomad Sculpt.
  2. use Online Sculpt GL from Stephane and export the colors: SculptGL - A WebGL sculpting app