Export location in Android to network or cloud

Hi, I’m pretty new to Nomad Sculpt, and I’d like to export an STL to OneDrive or Google Drive (or my NAS as a secondary option), so I can work on it on other applications.
When I try to export, I find I can only export to my ‘Downloads’, or other local folders.
I do understand that some files can be huge, but the option of saving to a cloud folder should be possible, as I believe it’ll save locally in the cache, then synchronise at a later date.
Please let me know if I need to raise a ‘feature request’ if this isn’t possible but should be.

EDIT. OK, Android……forget about what I wrote.

Google Drive should be available in second lines of Icons.
But I always use Files App as it is most flexible.

Are you familiar with it?
What I do:
Save to Files
In Files App, I have the side bar open.
There, under “Locations” I can choose all connected Cloud Drives.
I have Dropbox, Google Drive, Icloud Drive, My Cloud (WD NAS) and via FileBrowser direct access to my PC. But Filebrowser is not necessary, you can connect you PC directly via “Shared” in Files app.

Best :vulcan_salute:

You can have acces to google drive on android too, i use it to be sure i save all my sculpt from my phone or export it to open in blender on my pc. Best regards

Hmmm, as it’s working for your device, it might point to an issue with my Samsung S6. I have both OneDrive and Google Drive set up and viewable in most applications, but not Nomad… I’ll update if I find anything.