Draw, select and edit a area

I am new to Nomad and would like to create something similar to the picture. How can I create individual areas (marked yellow in the image below) and edit them individually? or select all the other areas as well so that I only have to modulate them on one area and it carries over to the others?

You can create such a similar figure at most with instances and repeat nodes to edit the individual fields one by one.
Otherwise, it is not possible to make such box modeling functions with Nomad Sculpt, as far as I know.

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Hi Holger, thank you for the answer. Too bad that this does not work. Then I have to try something like this with ZBrush. Grüsse aus dem verschneiten Zürich

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But this ends in a non connected mesh. Voxel remesh gives bad results.
Radial symmetry? Torus creation with division Y as a possible divisor for symmetry. Let’s say 60?

But an individual edit of only one square is not possible.

I would have no real idea to solve it in another soft btw. A bit tricky

thank you for the help. i tried the same way :). i guess i have to do that with blender and then import to nomad