Draconian Shaman ♤

Plan on eventually giving him some clothes and props but will probably build those externally and add them in later when I do the retopo.

Character project from one of my ‘work goals’.

100% Nomad on Android.

Thanks for looking!


Nice work. :+1:t2:
The scale of the user interface in the screenshots says you have a big tablet screen/resolution or you have very good eyesight.

Thanks, Adam!

I’m using a Samsung Tab S7+: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ - Full tablet specifications - I have the lower-end high - end version witg 6gb of RAM and a 12.4 screen.

Because it’s Android, you can hack it a bit. In Developer Settings I changed the minimal width to 1699 and via an ADB Shell I set the screen to fake 4K: Enable Galaxy TAB S7/S7+ 4K resolution (Using ADB) | XDA Developers Forums - though the latter might be more placebo than of any real benefit, it does make apps like Nomad and Concepts export screenshots at 4K.

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I need these methods/hacks