Downsides of Android?

I agree I have the S9 ultra too and I love it.
Some people says is too big or that it is too heavy.
Thank God I just went for it, it is perfect for me, have no issues at all with it’s sizes, to me it is portable. It is light for its size. I immediately bought a folding case to protect it and a screen film too.
The case that I choose didn’t add to much weight. I bought the one with the transparent acrylic at the back at aliexpress. You Can charge the pen on it’s charging spot and the best thing is that you can also store it inside a notch in the case where it stays well protected.
My experience with samsungntablet, a 10.1 2014 edition and a old 2014 laptop is that they last many years. I have used them for 10 years. I droped that tablet and broke the screen like 4 years ago and I still use it. That is why I would always recommend a screen protector film it is what’s has keep it together after It felt on the floor.

The only issue I personally have at the moment, is that when you want to move or zoom in and out with your fingers you must be sure to ge the pen far away from the screen, other wise it conflicts. I have read that this doesn’t happen on apple tablets.

I personally wanted a mat screen to get rid of reflections while working outside. I highly recommend the mate screen film that says “CERAMIC” on the pictures at aliexpress. Just don’t use alcohol to clean it.
Use a soapy spry solution or a screen cleaner.
I don’t find it to dull the screen at all but that is my personal opinion.

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