Creating stamp shapes to get the look

I sculpted this Eddie to 3-D print as a Christmas gift. I wanted the base to have a nice stone look. I utilized my procreate app and used a brick wall brush to create a stamp. Though I did not use it as individual brick lay, I enlarged the stamps and cross them over and then smooth in order to get a raw stone appearance. I have now been creating other shapes to use as brushes and stamps.


Cool I love how it’s turned to be as a 3d print
Great job

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Very nice!

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Love it!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

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Very nice! :+1:t2:

Was this a resin print? If it was a fdm print then it’s a very good finish. :slightly_smiling_face:

Love it! Maiden has been one of my favorite bands since the 80’s…nice job :+1:

Thank you. Yes it’s a resin printer. I bought it to learn how to do cad a sculpting for my jewelry but have been playing more instead.

Thank you so much.