Creating Origami-like Characters

Hello all! I have a pet project i’ve been trying to wrap my head around with Nomad sculpt. In my past i’ve used blender to create characters that look like they are made of folded paper or are origami in nature but were internally solid. I did this by extruding specific faces in the builds and creating the shapes vertices by vertices.

Obviously we don’t have that ability here in Nomad sculpt, and it’s been so long i’m trying to avoid having to relearn blender lol.

Does anyone have an idea how a person could go about creating, lets say for simplicity, a “paper” crane in Nomad? The catch is I would like to 3D print the model in the end, so all planes would have to have atleast a .5mm thickness.

I’m thinking it would be a combination of creating the basic visible shapes with a nearly flattened cube, orthographic perspective, and the trim tool? But does another idea come to anyone’s mind before I get too far in?

Thanks everyone.

Hi, I haven’t tried making origami type objects, but you might find that you can manipulate vertices and faces in the way you want just using Nomad’s existing tools and capabilities. In the post linked below I describe poly modelling techniques that are possible in Nomad (there might be more, but these are the ones I know about). Pretty much everything I’ve posted on that thread has been made through creating topology and manipulating individual vertices within Nomad, so perhaps that will help you with ideas on how you can create the origami objects.
I would be interested in seeing one of you origami works, (even if you used blender).
Do you have iPad? If you do a great option is to buy Cozy blanket app (lite version is about $20), you can then rough sculpt in Nomad and create whatever clean topology you want in Cozy blanket.