Controlling sliders with external midi controller

I know this request might be big :sweat_smile:
But I can only dream :grin:

In audio and music apps
You can assign sliders to real physical sliders called ( midi controllers) like this one

using something called (midi learn)

It would be useful for animation purposes
Changing shapes with multiple layers in full screen or turntable with green background using external midi controller.
I think it would be cool :heart_eyes:


Even though it is a kind of freaky request, I like it. But the use won’t be that big as one would think, probably. But no one knows what neat stuff people will come up with this option.

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It’s not happening :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’ll need squared-size sliders at some point (for small buttons in the viewport) but the look should be consistent with the rest of the app.

@The7Mirrors was asking for support of peripheral midi hardware.
One could assign sliders to multiple layers and change the intensity all at once in example. Even from more than one active object.

This would be the nicest thing I can imagine.
But an animation timeline like in zBrush would have much more benefit for sure. And both are quite unlikely to happen in a tiny sculpting app with so much potential and so much elementary things one could improve.

On the iPad there is a distinct lack of practical external hardware to trigger hot keys and macros. This is why I am so impressed by the iPadOS version of Clip Studio Paint’s “Edge Keyboard”.
If I buy the new Samsung Book 360 2in1 I see myself more likely to use custom on screen virual buttons for my left thumb rather than go back to external hardware like a gamepad or remote to trigger hotkeys.

Ah real physical sliders, I didn’t get it indeed.

It makes sense but it’s very low priority, I don’t even have customizable keyboard shortcuts at the moment.

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@dcipperley an external device allows multiple input at once, as said. If they are sliders, or a motion capture glove.
Anyway, stephomi already answered that this won’t happen, or not in the near future.

Knacki, I am sorry. I guess I mispoke. What I was trying to say is at least in my case that I plan to move away from external hardware hotkey controllers like gamepads and keyboards if possible. With an iPad 12.9" or a Wacom Mobile Studio I have to hold the stylus with my dominant hand and steady/hold the tablet with my nondominant hand. That just leaves my thumb on the nondominant hand and the stylus tip and my index finger on the stylus in the dominant hand available to trigger actions unless there is a voice command or I use a foot mouse or something wearable like the Tap Strap 2.
I would love it if there was for the iPad an app that let you put virtual hotkeys on the screen customizable for each app like Tablet Pro for Windows or the customizable radial stylus menu from Wacom.
Now that there are drivers that allow the 3dConnection Space Navigator 3dmouse to work with ZBrush I am considering buying the wireless one, but that means a more awkward setup for my nondominant hand.

as a music producer I LOL

This app is a game changer for me, and I wanted to say that I think the request for MIDI control of the layers speaks to how Nomad is very close to being not just the best mobile modeling app, but a powerful & fun animation tool.

@stephomi : I am wondering if the idea of expanding Nomad to permit simple animations is appealing to you. I have been using it that way by embracing creative limitations – I use several fingers to move layers to make my characters talk and interact. To me, there is nothing like the speed and fun of creating in Nomad. I have been working for years in Houdini + Cinema4d + Octane, and when it comes to my own art, I have mostly stopped using those tools in favor of Nomad. This blows my mind!

Perhaps this is not the direction you are interested in, but any features that would allow the storage and recall of layer data sequences could really open up the possibilities for animation. One step in that direction would be to create a X-Y pad where you can control the strength of two layers with one gesture. That alone would allow for a simple walk cycle.

For me, anything that opens up more degrees of freedom would be very fun to work with (MIDI would be amazing…!), even if animation is not a priority or focus for Nomad.