Can't change colors

Hi … As many others I am totally new to this.

I have some issues that I can’t find answers to. They might be very easy to some, but I’m feeling totally stupid right now.

I’m trying to change color to a tube. When I start a new canvas the sphere is peach and It wont change.
Whan I draw a tube it gets the same color, and when I try to change that, I can see it while I pick a color, but it switches back to the peach in the preview. Furthermore the ‘Stroke painting’ checkbox is disabled and can’t be checked.

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 10.21.03

make sure you are on Lit(PBR) in the lighting menu

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 10.22.24

select your colour and you’ll see it change on the object then press paint all.

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Fantastic! Very simple … missed the ‘paint all’. Thanks a lot :call_me_hand:t3:

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Hello! Great info, thanks! I am also stuck with colors. Do you how if it is possilbe to create a gradient from multiple colors? In example is not a 3D but I have created it in one color.

Easiest way to paint in gradient is use Uv texture

For more advanced tutorial, jus search “UV TEXTURE” in this forum. I just showed the most esiest way🙂

Oh, wow! thanks a lot @Random - i will check it out!

Just to add to Steve’s answer, the Stroke painting is disabled because you’ve not validated the object. You can colour the whole thing when invalidated but not paint, as you’ve basically not decided the density of mesh at that point. :+1:t2:

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Great, I got to a point, where nomad allows texture - but how to add gradient? I see an option only to color it in one color.
What shall I do? @Random @Bezzo
Also, how can I edit some tube points? I am selecting the shape, but it does not show curve points.

If your tube is validated, then it’s over with the tube nodes !
There is no function to automatically apply a gradient to the tube.
The textures would only be of use if you had the matching gradient texture including matching UV. The color channel only allows single colors.

Ok, I see. I understand that color channel offers only single color.
Do you mean like this - importing an image as texture? But it does not change the color of the tube.

You need a clean UV map that looks like a tube.
Then you need a texture from the internet with a matching gradient.
In your photo you use a texture for the brush, in this case not to use.
The only other possibility is to paint the gradient by hand on the tube - with Nomad Sculpt.
And you have to turn off the UV button at the bottom to see the colors.

You should watch videos about it, the thing really can’t be explained in a few words.

I am thankful for your tips @Holger_Schoenischka. Som how I got around and it worked - this is just a test, but I got the idea abut UV mesh and texture.

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@Holger_Schoenischka just a small question regarding texture - do you how to fix issue, there texture “mixes” together and creates not smooth color gradient?

I am creating myself the gradient image, so I can make it any size of format, if it is an issue. But i created it in square size, since i saw it suggest in some of your tutorials on youtube.

Maybe I can fix those color problem places with some tool manually?

Try changing tilling in texture settings. Or you could bake the texture into vertex paint and use smooth tool mix the colours.

Without controlling how the UV are unwrapped you can’t do much.
Next Nomad version will (probably) add uv for most primitive, including tube and lathe, so it should work better.