Can't access Android media folder

All of a sudden I can not access my Android media folder where Nomad is installed to place the free tools that were down loaded. Searched all over the Internet to no avail.

I use that file manager and still no access

You need a file app that allows access, that’s all I can help at the moment.

I used to be able to access it. Thank you for your help and I’ll keep trying.

What device do you have? I use this file manager on my Samsung Galaxy S10. It still works. Did you get an Android Update recently?

Motorola g play. Last update was in March.

Does not work anymore. At least on android 13 there is absolutely no file manager that can acces android data folders or qny of the folder that google has restricted.

I think we need a new option for nomad android where in the app whe can decide where to store projects.
I can create new folder on my android device but outside the ones banned by google.

Also for adding new brushes we need to be able from the app to import from folder outside the ones google has denied acces to.

Many people traven and does not need to travel witha computer and alos many people just don’t have computers

I’m only on android 11 and used to be able to access it. As of the end of November, no more. Hopefully a file redirection will be added to nomad. Thank you for the post.

Hi! I’m a xiaomi user, and what worked for me was going to settings, apps, (then find the “files” app and uninstall updates) By doing this, it allowed me to get access to the android/media folder. Btw, I used the “explorer” app that you can find in playstore.

Hopefully it will work!

Did try that and other ways and still cannot access. Hopefully, in the future, one will be able to set the folders in Nomad. Tired of incompetent corporate ignorance and poor UI designers and their common sense. The problem with common sense is it’s all too common which makes no sense and we’re back to a flat earth :rofl: :two_hearts:

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I agree with you. It has no sense that you are allowed to use other tools created by others but the program itself has no option to import them by navigating your files rather than having to go to the installation folder… I hope the developers read this and include such basic festure in future updates :slight_smile:

I can access to my files in my Galaxy s23 ultra android 14 with the apps “cx file manager” and “file manager plus”. Maybe your problem is that you need to allow files manager apps to access the nomad folder first in the permissions section

I use Cx File Explorer and tried many others. All have access, yet this is the screen shot of what happens…

It doesn’t look like cx interface?
What these apps allow is access to all your files inside their own app, but you still won’t be able to access protected folder from other apps.

I notice you have the app installed in the SD card, maybe moving to internal storage could help :person_shrugging:.

Or look this solution that I read in reddit, maybe could work

Nothing has worked. However, I figured a work around on my own. By connecting my phone to my PC I can access the Android data folder. Thanks for the input from all that replied.