Import brushes

Hi everyone I have a Samsung 8 tab ultra and I’m trying to import some brushes that I had bought but I cant seem to import them in. Idk if I need to do something, I tried looking at videos on how to do this but the only videos I see are for iPad. I read somewhere that the Samsung might need another app to import them but I’m so lost… Plz anyone have any answers for me…


I don’t have android but I’d suggest you put them in the Nomad / Alphas folder - or the Tools folder if the files are JSON tool files

Recently more people are creating custom tools for Nomad Sculpt - Users . If you are on Android, you may have difficulty finding the nomad folder called Tools on your device. This is due to changes to security in the newer software versions. For example, Samsung S7+ tablet file manager would not reveal the file system even when hidden system files are made visible. On the Playstore file manager called Amaze File manager will ask you for permission and then will give full visibility with access without rooting your device.

Hi. My son has a Xiaomi mi pad 5 tablet -with Xiaomi Stylus. Yesterday I wanted to test my brushes on his tablet and faced the same problem. Standard explorer doesn’t see the program folder. In playmarket I found the program “File Manager Plus” and I managed to find the right folder.