Can you edit pivot point to be at origin?

Sorry if this is obvious, but I’ve searched and can’t find an answer. Can you quickly edit the pivot point of an object to be at the origin? (I don’t want to move the object to the origin, just the pivot).
If this isn’t possible then I know how to make the object the child of another object which is centred at origin, which can achieve the same effect, but sometimes it would be useful to just quickly move the pivot directly to the origin.

Are you wanting to move the point to the object origin or the world origin?

For object origin, while on Gizmo, use the Pivot button and select Reset.

I should have said - the world origin

Not possible, sorry!

You can take a pretty good guess though by turning on the grid and editing the pivot to be as close to center as possible.

Or, as you mentioned above, join it with another centered object.

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