Can’t colour mesh maybe normals are flipped somehow?

I am trying to paint the diamond wall you see here. This was created from a box and a diamond (box rotated 45 degrees and squashed) using an array repeater and Boolean merged with the box. For some odd reason I cannot paint it white. Any other colour but white. The scene is lit PBR. As you can see I can change the colour of the other objects just not this diamond wall. I had this issue in 1.72, 1.73 and 1.74. I don’t know about 1.71 as the app auto updated recently.

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if your mesh is “flpped inside out” you can try the trick that i use to solve that issue.

  1. mask it
  2. at the mask settings/panell set “shell thickness” to 0
  3. extract it.

it may duplicate your object, but you can always delete the first one.

You can disable colored backface in the settings menu.

As for the bug I’d need to know the operation you did before it happens (exactly, which nodes were selected and the configuration of the scene nodes, etc).

Thank you I managed to find this setting you suggest literally after posting this. This was after a Boolean merge with a joined array repeater if that helps.

One thing that could help is the file itself just before the bug occurs, otherwise I can’t tell if there is a bug or no.

(Marking it as solved even though there might still be an issue, but I can’t tell)