Building The Focke-Woof 190

The second in my “Ani-mech” series – animals and their machines, is the “Focke-Woof 190”. I am still struggling to keep the vertex* count down, as you can see it is at 11 Million +. When I try to voxel remerge, hard surfaces still go awry for me.

  • I hope this is the right terminology

As you can see, I have only one side of the vehicle, as duplicating it would crash the app. So I bring it into my rendering in Blender to finish it.

If anyone has tips on how to optimise my workflow I will be much grateful. :slight_smile:

Final Renders here:


Very nice!

There is a decimation tool that can help with reducing polycount while keeping details.
But the aggressive triangulation will make editing hard though, so it’s mostly for the « finished » parts of your scene.


So interesting work👍