Broken line

Hello. Please tell me how to get rid of such wrinkles in the mesh? Or how to avoid them in the future?

My guess to what you’re referring to is the lower eye lid. If not, please be more specific in your description of the issue.

Use the crease or pinch tool. You can get a relatively sharp edge this way.

Yes, I mean the lower eyelid. I just use the tool for folds and pinches, but the mesh does not follow … It turns out a ragged line. How do I customize the mesh of my model?

You cant modify topology or guide remeshing AFAIK.

You can try properly angled Trim tool in lasso mode together with making to make a perfect edge or try work it out with Flatten tool.

You could paint more mesh density by turning on dynamic topo, set the clay tool to zero intensity and simply paint extra faces. Then your pinch / crease will have something more to work with.

Haha, hey! Just writing is faster than doing example pics as well. That‘s unfair :joy:

Whaaat? Thats awesome! :slight_smile:

I’m far from expert, but that was my intuitive response… trim or flatten