Brandt Peters Sculpt Gallery

It’s nice to meet everyone… A buddy of mine @stevetalkowski inspired me to jump into Nomad and I haven’t looked back. I have tried all (maybe most) 3D sculpting apps on IPad and I really haven’t been happy till now. I finally can design and develop at my comfort level. Looking forward to sharing new sculpts and projects with you all as I grow as a Nomad Sculptor. I welcome discussion and critique.

Here is a final render of my take and style for Panthro bust (Thundercats). All modeling done in Nomad from start to finish as well as paint and materiality. About 2.5/3 days from start to finish. Still not finished… will be tweaking over time (and posting in process). I will be moving into more of my own designs and characters from this point.


Really loved the process over the past few days… Been digitally sculpting since ZBrush 4R7 and was able to wrap my head around NOMAD’s approach within a short while… already being implemented into my pipeline - more videos and visuals soon!

(This last image had me sculpting the eyes by hand… there are parts I really dig on this version, including painting more graphically on the eyes to create those eyelids. This would be fine as a sketch… but I’m going to go into layers and start using them as morph sliders. This meant I needed to go back and bring in eyes separately with symmetry. The first image posted shows this new approach, so I can move into layers better…)


Hey Brandt, great to see you on the Forum! This is such a great first sculpt from you. Looking forward to seeing your own characters being sculpted in Nomad. :slight_smile:

Thanks @stevetalkowski / I just jumped into the reference import this morning. Maybe I’ll take on that Yeti or Wherewolf design? Here is Panthro (final delivery with some pops and tweaks in Procreate). I feel like I really have my sea-legs after this training


nice! you gonna do the whole crew? :slight_smile:

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Was planning on jumping on an updated Stingy Jack next!

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Designer vinyl artists! Hi guys…

Super nice work Brandt! And good to see Steve and Jeremy after all these years!

-Dave Quiles


Nomad Forum is the new SDCC! LOL


Haha! Our new virtual life. It’s a little dark in here, but far less crowded!



It’s been a year since I posted - I figured I would start uploading my new Nomad models…


Great sculpts man, welcome!
Layers in Nomad rocks! Color, roughness and metalness channels can be adjusted per-layer. I use those a lot. Position can go negative… and now you can extract to geometry.
Oh and in paint tool you can enable Layer filtering to repaint only already painted area of the layer.

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