Portrait Sculpture in Nomad

Hello my name is Jon Payne and I am a traditional and digital sculptor. You may have seen my body horror themed sculptures called “Fleshlettes” in the past.

These days I’m really trying to shore up my digital skills in Zbrush, Vr and on ipad now that we have such an amazing option with Nomad! Forger was a great first step kind of option but to me Nomad really rises above the pack by being much faster on the same hardware (better optimization) and it has a much more pleasing interface and rendering/lighting engine.

This is the second sculpture that I have created in Nomad. This was created on a middle of the road iPad 2018 and then exported and rendered in blender.

Thanks for viewing!!!

Since I haven’t found out how to embed multiple pictures please find a gallery of additional images on my artstation page: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/J9O54m


Lovely looking sculpt and nice portfolio! :+1:t2:
I think when you interact and post more in the community it will allow multiple image posts.