Black artefacts all through model in PBR mode

When I enable PBR my model contains black artefacts all through. Kind of like a mix between a bad AO and having wireframe on. Going through the PBR settings and post process don’t seem to change it at all.

I’ve tried quitting out of nomad fully and reopening but it still persists. I am running nomad on the iPad Air 2020.

There is a known issue with this particular iPad.
You can reboot the iPad and it will the issue, but only temporarily from what I’ve heard.

I’ve tried a reboot to no avail. Is there anything I can do to help you troubleshoot the problem?

Argh this is bad, just to be clear by reboot I mean turn off/on (power slider), not just turning off the screen.
Are you up to date on the iPad? (iOS version)

I’ll try something for the next release.

Yeah I did a full shutdown, and have tried doing a settings reset within nomad. I haven’t tried reinstalling the app, though I can try that if you’d like. I am up to date on the iPad (14.4.1)

I understand you have a lot to juggle and read it’s hard as you don’t have an Air 4 to test on, so if I can be of any help through discord/video or anything just let me know. Cheers!

No need to reinstall the app (as long as it’s the last version).

We’ll see if it’s resolved on the next Nomad version (I think I got the problem, if that’s the case it was a very stupid issue from my part).

Is there a difference between an object with roughness 0.0 and roughness 1.0? (with white color and metallic 0)

Almost no visible difference, I took two screenshots and they were 99% identical. I noticed enabling depth of field would have an effect however, I’ve attached a comparison screenshot to show.