Bevel option?

Hi, hello everyone, I’m new to the nomad sculpt community.

I have already made my first figure and I am delighted with this program. When trying to make my second figure I have noticed that and I am missing a pear bevelling tool and circular figures … Is there a similar option?

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Il manque effectivement des options pour le hard surface mais je pense qu’on y aura droit un jour :wink:

There are indeed some options missing for the hard surface but I think we will get them one day;)

I was thinking that just like it can be beveled in a straight line there would be some option for this too.
Still the app is wonderful.
Hopefully this option will come in future versions.

You can start with beveled cube or cylinder
By increasing the post subdivision
And decreasing the topology before validating the object.

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But not full control with complex part but it’s a solution

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Thank you very much for your advice, I did not know it. What I need is something more similar to what the “trim> line” tool does on a cube but in circular shapes.

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Hello since we are going to ask another question … How to exit the application from ipad? There is no option or button to exit the application … :thinking:

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New iPad user ?

No, 2 years with ipad

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all the applications are closed by drawing untrzit from the bottom of the screen towards the middle with the finger to display the multi apps then it is necessary to swipe to close the apps

If you knew that, but there are apps that have a dedicated button to exit :sweat_smile:. Now that we are here, one last question 🙋 … Is there an option to import the project as a video?

Four finger drag vertically then slide upward an app to kill it.
The four finger drag is probably the main thing that I miss the most on Android tablets.

You can’t export a video, but you can record video easily with the ipad.

Thank you very much for your time in answering :ok_hand:And for this application that I am loving. I have advised her to everyone.
what about the bevel option? Will it come in the future?

Not planned for now, but maybe in the future.

We will continue making creations with this wonderful app and sharing with the community.
As a suggestion you could create an Instagram channel with the creations of the nomad sculpt community, it would be cool :sweat_smile:.
Greetings and much encouragement!:raised_hands::raised_hands:

Here is a tutorial for a nice Bewel.